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Tackle Bridezilla with Micro Touch Tough Blade

Wedding season is here! Every little girl dreams of the fairytale wedding with their own Prince Charming. Today’s the time to be the best Prince Charming you can, the day you make a girl dreams come true.


One of the most forgotten things on a wedding day is great shave!   A small thing like shaving can totally make – or break – the wedding day.  Forgetting to shave can make your bride quite upset.   Cutting yourself, and getting razor burn, can be even worse!

With MicroTouch Tough Blade, you can be hair-free in minutes and without all those nasty cuts and burns. Micro Touch Tough Blade will give you that picture-perfect shave that you bride has been dreaming about. Don’t stress out yourself – or your bride!  Micro Touch Tough Blade will save your special day.  After all, “a happy wife is a happy life”.