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MicroTouch Tough Blade in Canada!

MicroTouch Tough Blade is available to all of our friends in the Great White North! One site, As Seen on TV Canada, has created a page for our MicroTouch Tough Blade and they highlighted how – with Micro Touch Tough Blade – you can get a full year of touchably close shaves, for less than the amount you would spend on razor cartridge refills at the pharmacy.


MicroTouch Tough Blade features 3 German-engineered stainless steel blades, that offer the closes and smoothest shave yet. The microthin non-stick surface of each blade insures the MicroTouch Tough Blade is safe on the most sensitive of skin and areas, and the included MicroTouch Trimmer makes grooming and trimming simple and hassle free.

Learn more about MicroTouch Tough Blade on the official MicroTouch Tough Blade website.  American and Canadian orders welcomed!


Micro Touch Tough Blade: Getting You Beach Ready

You see your girl spending hours in the bathroom getting ready for the beach; scrubbing, moisturizing, and shaving… but what about you? What do you do to get ready for a day in the sun and surf? Shaving your chest with a traditional razor can be time consuming, and leave you with uneven bumps and marks. Micro Touch Tough Blade has you covered.


The three German-engineered stainless steel blades give you the closest, cleanest shave possible, without all the hassle. The first blade lifts the hair, the second blade cuts, and the third blade finishes off for your smoothest shave yet. Shaving the chest can be difficult, because of the awkward angles, but Micro Touch Tough Blade gives you the same smooth shave at any angle! Use your Micro Touch Trimmer before you shave, to insure the most complete shave you have ever experienced.

Micro Touch Tough Blade isn’t just for your chest and body; you can use it anywhere, even the most sensitive of areas.

Don’t let your lady show you up at the beach!  As you spend the day in sun, let Micro Touch Tough Blade make you the man you want to be!

Bleu Magazine Features Micro Touch Tough Blade


Bleu Magazine recently ran a feature on the MicroTouch Tough Blade. They started the piece by praising the MicroTouch Tough Blade’s money saving ability, saying “…the best value for a year’s worth shaving. Unlike any other in the market, Microtouch Tough Blade includes 12 cartridges totaling approximately a 1 year supply of shaving.”

They went on to mention some of the Micro Touch Tough Blade’s awesome features, saying “he durable grooming tool also features a micro-thin non-stick coating on each blade which helps to protect the cutting edge whilst providing a smoother shave. Gliding effortlessly, the first blade lifts, the second blade cuts, and the third blade finishes with the closest shave. With a unique Gothic arch technology and a special grip handle, Toughblade allows you to shave comfortable at any angle.”

Read Bleu Magazine’s piece on the MicroTouch Tough Blade


Micro Touch Tough Blade: Tough Enough for the Gunslinger


Green Bay is expected to retire Brett Favre’s number this coming season, though no official plans have been released. One thing we can be sure of is that Brett Favre will look his best, thanks to his Micro Touch Tough Blade!

Micro Touch Tough Blade offers a close, clean, comfortable shave from any angle. The three German stainless steel blades are great for even the most sensitive of faces; finish the look off with a quick trim around the edges, using Micro Touch Max.

This is how Brett went from mountain man, to his former clean faced self, in just a matter of minutes! Thanks to Micro Touch Tough Blade, we expect he will look like his old self when he returns to Lambeau Field this coming season!


Learn More about the MicroTouch Tough Blade!

microtouch-tough-blade-review-tv-stuff-onlinePopular “As Seen on TV” website, TV Stuff Online, has created a page dedicated to the MicroTouch Tough Blade and they have provided their viewers with all sorts of information about this amazing new razor from MicroTouch.

“The secret behind Tough Blade is the three blade design,” TV Stuff Online reports. “Although the three blades work together to give you a close smooth shave, each of them actually has a different function ensuring you get optimal results. The first blade lifts the hair out of skin, allowing the second blade to cut it and the third blade finishes the cut making everything smooth.”

They go on to note some features of the MicroTouch Tough Blade and the BONUS MicroTouch Trimmer.

MicroTouch Tough Blade:
“This product comes with an additional 12 blades. With the help of these additional blades your Tough Blade razor will last for an entire year.”

MicroTouch Trimmer:
“You can use the MicroTouch Trimmer to trimmer the hair in your nose, ears, neck, sideburns and eyebrows.”

Read more about MicroTouch Tough Blade at TV Stuff Online

About MicroTouch Tough Blade

microtouch-tough-blade The new MicroTouch Tough Blade has arrived!

This is the ONLY razor that will give you an entire year’s worth of shaves for UNDER $20! The MicroTouch Tough Blade features 3 German stainless steel precision blades, and each has a micro-thin non-stick surface, which helps ensure blades give you the smoothest shave possible for longer than ever before.

With the 12 replacement blades you get with your purchase of the Micro Touch Tough Blade, you’ll enjoy a close, clean, comfortable shave all year long.