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MicroTouch Tough Blade: Great Shave, Great Price!


If you’re a man there’s no way around shaving says Terri Scott from YouReviewIt.  “Shaving for the socialized man is as important is combing your hair, or brushing your teeth. You were taught that shaving was not only a step in maintaining proper grooming, but shaving is also a sign of manhood.”

In his review of MicroTouch Tough Blade, Scott says razors can quickly get expensive and he goes on to say that MicroTouch Tough Blade “is one shaving product that’s designed to give you an optimal shaving experience at an economic price.”

Scott also highlights many of the features of MicroTouch Tough Blade saying:

“The purpose of the Micro Touch Tough Blade system is to allow you to stop making you feel victimized by the ever-increasing cost of maintaining your basic grooming (and well-being!) In short, you’ll enjoy a tight, precision shave by using one blade a month. You’ll receive 12 blades in all for one low price, and you’ll receive a portable, precision tool to boot!”

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Stars Galore for MicroTouch Tough Blade!

Everyone’s talking about the latest product from MicroTouch:  the MicroTouch Tough Blade!  The website, AsSeenOnTV.com, is one of many places where people are discussing the Tough Blade and providing stellar reviews.   Here are some of things MicroTouch Tough Blade customers are saying:


I was skeptical at first but when I get home and used it right away I was saying wow wow wow. – Nyles36 (Orlando, FL)

I have tried a lot of razors and blades. This is BY FAR the best!!! – Tman (Centreville VA)

I was willing to give it a shot since it was fractionally cheaper than anything else I saw. I must tell you the 1st shave was INCREDIBLE.. Sharpest, smoothest shave I have EVER had PERIOD…. – BGINLV (Puerto Vallarta Mexico).


MicroTouch Tough Blade customers collectively give us 4.8 (out of 5) stars!