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Runners Swimmers, & Cyclists: Why Shave?

Runners, swimmers, and cyclists all have reasons to shave at least parts of their body. Some of these reasons are the same and some are different and they have both physical and psychological effects. Micro Touch Tough Blade invites you to join us as we explore some top reasons:


There are several reasons that swimmers shave their bodies, or at least parts of it. Shaving hair that isn’t covered by a swimsuit helps to increase aerodynamics, and in a sport where winning can be decided by a hundredth of a second, even the slightest decrease in resistance can make a huge difference. Not only does shaving remove hair from the body, it also removes a couple layers of dead skin cells, which helps to produce a much better feeling in the water as the new skin is much more sensitive. This increased sensitivity can lead to the swimmer being more cognizant of their motions, leading to increased performance. The increased sensitivity also makes the swimmer feel like they are swimming much faster than usual, which is a solid psychological boost.

MicroTouch Tough Blade shaving athletes


Cyclists are mostly known for shaving their legs. The most noted reason why cyclists shave their legs is for medical reasons. It is almost inevitable that all cyclists will crash at some point, and having shaved legs makes clean-up of that nasty road rash much easier. Along with medical reasons, cyclists also shave their legs for psychological reasons. Having smooth legs could just so happen to make a cyclist feel faster, and in turn could have positive effects on his/her performance.


Runners shaving their legs has become increasingly popular in recent years, following the lead of cyclists and for mostly the same reasons. Runners also shave for medical reasons in case they fall and suffer road rash. Shaved legs also make it easier to apply and remove kinesio tape to knees and ankles. Post-race massages also feel better without the tug of leg hairs. As with swimmers and cyclists, runners might also shave to “feel” faster. Psychology is a really funny thing, and if used to your advantage, could actually give you an edge.

Obviously, all of these apply to triathletes as well!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from MicroTouch Tough Blade!

MicroTouch Tough Blade and St Patricks Day

It’s almost March 17th and you know what that means!  It’s time to grab some green and get ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day – or the Feast of Saint Patrick – is a time for Irish (and Irish-at-heart) to hit the pubs for some green beer, sit down with loved ones for some corned beef and cabbage, join in the St. Patrick Day parades, and/or attend religious services.

Make sure you look your best for the St. Patrick’s Day events by using your “lucky” Micro Touch One.  MicroTouch Tough Blade razor contains three German-engineered stainless steel blades.  The first blade lifts, the second blade cuts, and the third blade finishes.  With MicroTouch Tough Blade you get the close, clean, and comfortable shave you want.

So be sure to tackle those beards before heading off for the festivities…..and may the luck of the Irish be with you!


Abracadabra! It’s MicroTouch Tough Blade!

Named by the New York Daily News as “Hollywood’s most beloved party guest,” Daniel Fernandez is a magician who has performed magic for celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon, Meryl Streep, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Anne Hathaway.


Daniel Fernandez recently performed an amazing trick using our very own MicroTouch Tough Blade razor. “I came up with this cool mentalism effect with the razor and this frying pan cover,” Fernandez begins.

Watch his magic trick with MicroTouch Tough Blade

MicroTouch Tough Blade and Picking up Girls!

Cody Strong is a YouTube sensation best known for posting prank and challenge videos to his AngryPicnic channel.  He is also the cameraman for the popular prank YouTube channel BigDawsTV.


Cody recently posed the video “Picking Up Girls – Beard vs No Beard” where he finds out if women prefer bearded – or no beard – men and he uses our MicroTouch Tough Blade to help him get that close shave.

Watch his hilarious video featuring MicroTouch Tough Blade and find out what women prefer!

Pucker Up with Micro Touch Tough Blade

Ah mistletoe!  In many cultures it was believed mistletoe possesses mystical powers which bring good luck to the household and wards off evil spirits. In Norse mythology, it was also used as a sign of love and friendship.  That’s where the custom of kissing under Mistletoe comes from.

Don’t let your scruff stand between you and your mistletoe kiss this year.  Your perfect peck is just a shave away thanks to MicroTouch Tough Blade.


Celebrating No Shave November in MicroTouch Style!

No-Shave November is a month-long journey where participants forgo certain kinds of shaving and grooming in order to raise funds to support cancer prevention, research, and education.

It’s a great event to support a wonderful cause!

Be sure to keep your beard trimmed and your neck clean this ‎No Shave November with the MicroTouch Tough Blade!  You don’t want something other than hair growing on your face!


5 Ways to Keep You Looking Handsome with Micro Touch Tough Blade


When it comes to looking attractive many would argue that men tend to have it easier.  Other men may simply get a bit lazy and “let themselves go.”  With these five easy ways to keep you looking handsome Micro Touch Tough Blade hopes to shed some light on those forgotten must-do skin care tips.

1) SPF, SPF, SPF! Sadly this is not a sports-theme chant, but a huge key in good skin care. Using a lotion or sunscreen with SPF can combat aging, as well as sunburns.

2) Drink up! Drinking plenty of fluids and moisturizing plays a huge role in your skin’s health. Having dry skin can make it crack and bleed easier, especially in men who shave on a daily basis. Buying a good moisturizer and making sure you drink the suggested amount of fluids can keep your skin looking fresh.

3) Scrub-a-dub dub! Washing your face can keep acne and oily skin at bay. If you don’t wash the grime and sweat off your face daily then you’re more likely to be prone to acne skin and clogged pores. Invest in a good face wash before it’s too late!

4) Shave! Beards seem to be very “in” at the moment.  While many women find them sexy, unkept beards can be a huge turn-off.  Using razors to keep your beard neat and trimmed (or keeping yourself completely shaved) can get expensive.  Micro Touch Tough Blade gives you a perfect shave year round…and for a price that can’t be beat!  Having a nice shave can give your appearance and ego a boost.

5) Don’t forget to exfoliate! Exfoliating at least once a week can help open up and clean out your pores. It can also help pull some of the ingrown hair up so you can get a closer and cleaner shave. Nowadays you can even invest in a face wash, exfoliator, and moisturizer kit to keep you looking handsome.

Tackle Bridezilla with Micro Touch Tough Blade

Wedding season is here! Every little girl dreams of the fairytale wedding with their own Prince Charming. Today’s the time to be the best Prince Charming you can, the day you make a girl dreams come true.


One of the most forgotten things on a wedding day is great shave!   A small thing like shaving can totally make – or break – the wedding day.  Forgetting to shave can make your bride quite upset.   Cutting yourself, and getting razor burn, can be even worse!

With MicroTouch Tough Blade, you can be hair-free in minutes and without all those nasty cuts and burns. Micro Touch Tough Blade will give you that picture-perfect shave that you bride has been dreaming about. Don’t stress out yourself – or your bride!  Micro Touch Tough Blade will save your special day.  After all, “a happy wife is a happy life”.

Jump into Summer with Micro Touch Tough Blade

Summer is here and Micro Touch Tough Blade has a question for you:  Are you going to be the guy that lands the girl this Summer or the hairy guy on the beach?


MicroTouch Tough Blade will help you tackle that winter beard and get a nice clean, close shave. Micro Touch Tough Blade also works on chests, arms, pretty much anywhere! MicroTouch Tough Blade will help you combat even the hairiest of places!


Even better, you can use your Micro Touch Tough Blade for an entire year. No need to worry about those expensive razors you’re currently buying.  With Micro Touch Tough Blade, you have a supply of razors that will last you the summer, fall, winter, and spring!

Get your shave on this summer with Micro Touch Tough Blade, and don’t wait any longer to impress the ladies.

MicroTouch Tough Blade in Canada!

MicroTouch Tough Blade is available to all of our friends in the Great White North! One site, As Seen on TV Canada, has created a page for our MicroTouch Tough Blade and they highlighted how – with Micro Touch Tough Blade – you can get a full year of touchably close shaves, for less than the amount you would spend on razor cartridge refills at the pharmacy.


MicroTouch Tough Blade features 3 German-engineered stainless steel blades, that offer the closes and smoothest shave yet. The microthin non-stick surface of each blade insures the MicroTouch Tough Blade is safe on the most sensitive of skin and areas, and the included MicroTouch Trimmer makes grooming and trimming simple and hassle free.

Learn more about MicroTouch Tough Blade on the official MicroTouch Tough Blade website.  American and Canadian orders welcomed!