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Micro Touch Tough Blade: Getting You Beach Ready

You see your girl spending hours in the bathroom getting ready for the beach; scrubbing, moisturizing, and shaving… but what about you? What do you do to get ready for a day in the sun and surf? Shaving your chest with a traditional razor can be time consuming, and leave you with uneven bumps and marks. Micro Touch Tough Blade has you covered.


The three German-engineered stainless steel blades give you the closest, cleanest shave possible, without all the hassle. The first blade lifts the hair, the second blade cuts, and the third blade finishes off for your smoothest shave yet. Shaving the chest can be difficult, because of the awkward angles, but Micro Touch Tough Blade gives you the same smooth shave at any angle! Use your Micro Touch Trimmer before you shave, to insure the most complete shave you have ever experienced.

Micro Touch Tough Blade isn’t just for your chest and body; you can use it anywhere, even the most sensitive of areas.

Don’t let your lady show you up at the beach!  As you spend the day in sun, let Micro Touch Tough Blade make you the man you want to be!