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Shaving Aficionados Discuss Micro Touch Tough Blade

micro-touch-tough-blade-badger-bladeBadger & Blade is a website where gentleman come to discuss all things “shaving” and there’s been some buzz about the new MicroTouch Tough Blade in their forums.

One gentleman (Big Jim) says he’s been on a search for less expensive options to the cartridges he regularly uses and he recently heard about MicroTouch Tough Blade.  He says it “shaves great” and that he was getting considerably more shaves with MicroTouch Tough Blade then other razors.  “I’m delighted,” he declares!

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  1. Nydia Hollmann's Gravatar Nydia Hollmann
    September 23, 2015    

    Maybe there’s no better way to tell its effectiveness but to try it firsthand. Thanks for the post.

  2. Ezekiel Hellmann's Gravatar Ezekiel Hellmann
    November 3, 2015    

    Getting the closest shave possible without spending too much for a cartridge razor seems a good deal. Nice post.

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