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MicroTouch Tough Blade Facial Hair Series: Ducktail Beard

What’s the sound?  Is that the sound of a duck quacking? Or is it the sound of a new look headed your way?   Introducing the next look in our series on facial hairstyles: the Ducktail Beard.

Simply put, the Ducktail Beard is a full beard that extends into a point.  When shaped correctly, it looks extremely similar in appearance to a duck’s back tail feathers because of the way in which the beard tapers to a point, hence the name. A mustache is typically connected to the pointed beard, but those mustache hairs are generally kept shorter to help provide a more defined look for the pointed beard.

Growing your own Ducktail Beard is extremely easy to do.  Let your beard grow out to a long, full length (at least an inch or two on your chin).  Then, starting with the top area of your chin, trim the hairs in a gradual manner in a top-to-bottom motion, making sure you are tapering each side towards a center point underneath your chin.  The length of the beard is entirely up to you, but you do want it to make a clear, defined point.

A great trimmer to help you achieve this look is our MicroTouch Trimmer.  This exceptional hair trimmer comes with your online purchase of MicroTouch Tough Blade at Toughblade.com and is a perfect tool for trimming your beard, mustache, sideburns, and more!


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