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MicroTouch Tough Blade Wins!

TV Stuff Reviews has recently reviewed MicroTouch Tough Blade and they not only offer considerable information about Micro Touch Tough Blade, they decide to directly compare it with other razor blades.


The winner?  MicroTouch Tough Blade!  The reviewers said they tried to find a set of 12 blades at Wal-Mart of comparable quality and price to the ones that come with MicroTouch Tough Blade and Micro Touch Tough Blade “won that challenge!”  They go to say: “To date there are no 3 blade razors that compare to the Tough Blade’s price point. The only way to match the price is to compare it with disposable razors. Such razors are usually only good for 1 to 3 uses and don’t provide a close shave. Disposable razors don’t even attempt to claim the ability to last one month each.”

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MicroTouch Tough Blade and the Perfect Grooming Kit!

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Instagram user @carloslopezbx has created his perfect “grooming kit” and it includes the MicroTouch Max for trimming and the MicroTouch Tough Blade for close shaving.   Glad to see you “got your groom on” Carlos!

Say Goodbye to Razor Burn with the MicroTouch Tough Blade


Everyone knows getting razor burn is no fun, particularly on your face! Many things cause razor burn, and once you have it, it can be hard to treat.  MicroTouch Tough Blade has three simple suggestions you can use to treat razor burn.

1) Honey is known to have anti-bacterial properties that can speed the healing process. Applying honey right onto the skin will help keep it moisturized. It can also keep the burn from getting infected, as well as reduce inflammation and swelling.

2) Aspirin is known to help with pain, but it can also help with razor burns. For the best result dissolve the aspirin tablets into water, mixt them and then turn it into a paste. Applying the paste will help with the inflammation, bumps, and irritation of razor burn.

3) Aloe Vera is known as a calming agent for blisters and sunburns, but it also works great on razor burns. It is suggested to get Aloe Vera straight from the plant itself, but the bottled kind will do the same thing. Aloe Vera will keep the skin feeling cool and sooth it, as well as keep the skin nourished which can expedite the healing process.

Following these three simple suggestions can help to keep your skin looking renewed and can help to treat those razor burns.

5 Ways to Keep You Looking Handsome with Micro Touch Tough Blade


When it comes to looking attractive many would argue that men tend to have it easier.  Other men may simply get a bit lazy and “let themselves go.”  With these five easy ways to keep you looking handsome Micro Touch Tough Blade hopes to shed some light on those forgotten must-do skin care tips.

1) SPF, SPF, SPF! Sadly this is not a sports-theme chant, but a huge key in good skin care. Using a lotion or sunscreen with SPF can combat aging, as well as sunburns.

2) Drink up! Drinking plenty of fluids and moisturizing plays a huge role in your skin’s health. Having dry skin can make it crack and bleed easier, especially in men who shave on a daily basis. Buying a good moisturizer and making sure you drink the suggested amount of fluids can keep your skin looking fresh.

3) Scrub-a-dub dub! Washing your face can keep acne and oily skin at bay. If you don’t wash the grime and sweat off your face daily then you’re more likely to be prone to acne skin and clogged pores. Invest in a good face wash before it’s too late!

4) Shave! Beards seem to be very “in” at the moment.  While many women find them sexy, unkept beards can be a huge turn-off.  Using razors to keep your beard neat and trimmed (or keeping yourself completely shaved) can get expensive.  Micro Touch Tough Blade gives you a perfect shave year round…and for a price that can’t be beat!  Having a nice shave can give your appearance and ego a boost.

5) Don’t forget to exfoliate! Exfoliating at least once a week can help open up and clean out your pores. It can also help pull some of the ingrown hair up so you can get a closer and cleaner shave. Nowadays you can even invest in a face wash, exfoliator, and moisturizer kit to keep you looking handsome.