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Learn More about the MicroTouch Tough Blade!

microtouch-tough-blade-review-tv-stuff-onlinePopular “As Seen on TV” website, TV Stuff Online, has created a page dedicated to the MicroTouch Tough Blade and they have provided their viewers with all sorts of information about this amazing new razor from MicroTouch.

“The secret behind Tough Blade is the three blade design,” TV Stuff Online reports. “Although the three blades work together to give you a close smooth shave, each of them actually has a different function ensuring you get optimal results. The first blade lifts the hair out of skin, allowing the second blade to cut it and the third blade finishes the cut making everything smooth.”

They go on to note some features of the MicroTouch Tough Blade and the BONUS MicroTouch Trimmer.

MicroTouch Tough Blade:
“This product comes with an additional 12 blades. With the help of these additional blades your Tough Blade razor will last for an entire year.”

MicroTouch Trimmer:
“You can use the MicroTouch Trimmer to trimmer the hair in your nose, ears, neck, sideburns and eyebrows.”

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