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Micro Touch Tough Blade

The Micro Touch Tough Blade provides a close, clean, and comfortable shave. It has three German stainless steel blades.. The first blade lifts, the second blade cuts and the third blade finishes! The Micro Touch Tough Blade shaves comfortably at any angle and is great for sensitive skin!

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Watch Brett Favre Discuss Micro Touch Tough Blade

microtouch tough blade and brett favre

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Micro Touch Trimmer

The MicroTouch Trimmer is great for precise grooming around ears, nose, eyebrows, neck & sideburns

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Kmart Customers Love the MicroTouch Tough Blade!


Who doesn’t want a perfect shave at a fraction of the cost?   MicroTouch Tough Blade customers love our razor and they’ve been sharing their reviews on their blogs, on social media, and in the reviews sections found on online retailers.


Check out the MicroTouch Tough Blade reviews being shared by verified customers on Kmart.com:

“My husband has been looking for a razor that will not cut him and will provide a smooth shave. After much searching he purchased this razor and it has been wonderful.” ~ EmilyG1015

“Shaved my very tough beard very smoothly….” ~ gsatb0929 

“Handles my wiry whiskers and cleans up easily. With twelve set of blades is economical as replacement blades for my other one was just as expensive….”  ~ ppiklapp

“No doubt, razor lives up to a smooth and comfortable shave.” ~ Whippet


We want to know!  Tell us why you love Micro Touch Tough Blade!


MicroTouch Tough Blade Facial Hair Series: Ducktail Beard

What’s the sound?  Is that the sound of a duck quacking? Or is it the sound of a new look headed your way?   Introducing the next look in our series on facial hairstyles: the Ducktail Beard.

Simply put, the Ducktail Beard is a full beard that extends into a point.  When shaped correctly, it looks extremely similar in appearance to a duck’s back tail feathers because of the way in which the beard tapers to a point, hence the name. A mustache is typically connected to the pointed beard, but those mustache hairs are generally kept shorter to help provide a more defined look for the pointed beard.

Growing your own Ducktail Beard is extremely easy to do.  Let your beard grow out to a long, full length (at least an inch or two on your chin).  Then, starting with the top area of your chin, trim the hairs in a gradual manner in a top-to-bottom motion, making sure you are tapering each side towards a center point underneath your chin.  The length of the beard is entirely up to you, but you do want it to make a clear, defined point.

A great trimmer to help you achieve this look is our MicroTouch Trimmer.  This exceptional hair trimmer comes with your online purchase of MicroTouch Tough Blade at Toughblade.com and is a perfect tool for trimming your beard, mustache, sideburns, and more!


MicroTouch Tough Blade Facial Hair Series: Friendly Mutton Chops

Mutton Chops are sideburns that you extend all the way down to imagined lines drawn downward from the corners of your mouth. FRIENDLY Mutton Chops are when you connected your chops with a mustache.

Growing the look is really easy!  Simply grow up your mustache while also letting your sideburns grow down to the corners of your mouth. Be sure to allow your mustache and sideburns to connect. Create a vertical line for your sideburns, defining them at each corner of your mouth. The bottom line of the sideburns should be defined along your jaw line.

Use your MicroTouch Tough Blade to help you to define the lines for this amazing look!


Celebrate Dad this Year with Micro Touch One!


Happy Father’s Day from Micro Touch Tough Blade!  Celebrate “dear ole’ Dad” this year by giving him his very own MicroTouch Tough Blade.

MicroTouch represents a name that understand hair removal for men and MicroTouch Tough Blade will give your father a clean, close and comfortable shave at a price that can’t be beat!   The Micro Touch Tough Blade has a German precision-engineered blade system so your Dad will learn how our blades last up to 4 times longer than ordinary blades.  Best of all!  MicroTouch Tough Blade lets your father shave at any angle, and even if he has sensitive skin.

Pick up the Micro Touch Tough Blade today and give Dad a gift you know he’ll really love!  It’s a year’s worth of shaving for one price!

Happy Memorial Day from Micro Touch Tough Blade!


Memorial Day is soon upon us, and MicroTouch Tough Blade would like to say “thanks” during this special holiday.

Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May and it honors the women and men who died while serving in the U.S. military.  It is considered an official U.S. federal holiday and it began as “Decoration Day” after the American Civil War in 1868.  It became “Memorial Day” in the 20th century.

While it marks the start of the summer vacation season and often includes picnics and other outdoor outings, the holiday is a specific time for people to visit cemeteries and hold memorials for fallen soldiers.  It is not to be confused with Veterans Day.  Memorial Day is a day of remembering the woman and men who died while serving our country, while Veterans Day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans, living or dead.

All of us from MicroTouch Tough Blade wish you a happy, safe, and meaningful Memorial Day!

Micro Touch Tough Blade and Your Chance to Save!

Are you considering a purchase of our MicroTouch Tough Blade, but wish it was a bit less expensive?  If your answer is “yes,” we got the perfect deal for you!


We’ve recently released a new Micro Touch Tough Blade coupon for $2.00 off in the May 01st edition of the Redplum coupon insert found in many newspapers.  With Father’s Day coming up next month, it’s a great time to pick up a MicroTouch Tough Blade and to help Dad to get “A Year of Shaves!”

Check out your local paper today and stop by your favorite retailer to pick up your Micro Touch Tough Blade!

Runners Swimmers, & Cyclists: Why Shave?

Runners, swimmers, and cyclists all have reasons to shave at least parts of their body. Some of these reasons are the same and some are different and they have both physical and psychological effects. Micro Touch Tough Blade invites you to join us as we explore some top reasons:


There are several reasons that swimmers shave their bodies, or at least parts of it. Shaving hair that isn’t covered by a swimsuit helps to increase aerodynamics, and in a sport where winning can be decided by a hundredth of a second, even the slightest decrease in resistance can make a huge difference. Not only does shaving remove hair from the body, it also removes a couple layers of dead skin cells, which helps to produce a much better feeling in the water as the new skin is much more sensitive. This increased sensitivity can lead to the swimmer being more cognizant of their motions, leading to increased performance. The increased sensitivity also makes the swimmer feel like they are swimming much faster than usual, which is a solid psychological boost.

MicroTouch Tough Blade shaving athletes


Cyclists are mostly known for shaving their legs. The most noted reason why cyclists shave their legs is for medical reasons. It is almost inevitable that all cyclists will crash at some point, and having shaved legs makes clean-up of that nasty road rash much easier. Along with medical reasons, cyclists also shave their legs for psychological reasons. Having smooth legs could just so happen to make a cyclist feel faster, and in turn could have positive effects on his/her performance.


Runners shaving their legs has become increasingly popular in recent years, following the lead of cyclists and for mostly the same reasons. Runners also shave for medical reasons in case they fall and suffer road rash. Shaved legs also make it easier to apply and remove kinesio tape to knees and ankles. Post-race massages also feel better without the tug of leg hairs. As with swimmers and cyclists, runners might also shave to “feel” faster. Psychology is a really funny thing, and if used to your advantage, could actually give you an edge.

Obviously, all of these apply to triathletes as well!

Celebrate Earth Day with Micro Touch Tough Blade!

Earth Day, celebrated on April 22nd, is a day when people come together to show their support for environmental protection.  First celebrated in 1970 among a network of U.S. colleges and schools, Earth Day and is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network and it is celebrated in more than 192 countries.

People, and groups of people, celebrate Earth Day by cleaning up trash, fixing leaky faucets, writer letters to their elected officials, planting trees, planting a garden, carpooling, holding educational fairs, cleaning up along a coastline, spending time engaged in outdoor activities or sports, holding fundraisers, and watching environmental-based films.

MicroTouch Tough Blade Earth Day

MicroTouch Tough Blade invites you to celebrate Earth Day by also choosing a product that can help to save the planet and its valuable resources.  Stop buying those inexpensive, disposable razors that end up in a landfill.  Micro Touch Tough Blade is composed of three German-engineered stainless steel blades that shave comfortably at any angle.   They’re great for sensitive skin and they’ll give you a close, clean shave.  Best of all, MicroTouch Tough Blade does not require that you throw away an entire razor.  Instead, you can simply use one of the 12 replacement blades that come with your order.

Learn more about Micro Touch Tough Blade and have a great time celebrating Earth Day!


Micro Touch Tough Blade: Review & Unboxing

Micro Touch Tough Blade review YouTube Zacchus

YouTuber, Zachus, recently released a video of an unboxing and review of the Micro Touch Tough Blade. He begins his review by discussing that he hasn’t been able to find a good, affordable razor lately. He’s sick of walking into Target or Walmart where the only men’s shaving products are seriously overpriced razors.

After unboxing his MicroTouch Tough Blade to show everything that comes with the package, Zachus goes on to say “I just wanted to tell you real quick how good this feels, and it feels amazing. I thought it was going to be like a cheap plastic, but it is almost like a metal.” He also says that it really feels like he paid a lot of money for it.

The video only includes the unboxing and his first impressions on the design and feel of the product. However, in the description of the video he writes, “I LOVE this razor. It’s easy to shave with even when I’ve gone past shaving and it feels great in the hand. Got to try it!”

Check out his full MicroTouch Tough Blade unboxing and review.